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The second variation of Tourbograph Perpetual, the Honeygold version, is the first to feature a dial with scales and numerals raised to 0.15mm from the dial surface. This is a new technique that has been used to create the dial. The dial is assembled into five parts: the dial ring and three subdials, as well as the primary dial. Patek Philippe Replica Watches claims that the moonphase disc is black rhodiumed Honeygold with relief engraving by hand.

Five solid pieces of Honeygold are used to create the dial on this Tourbograph Perpetual Honeygold "Honor to Patek Philippe Replica Watches".

The dial of the Tourbograph Perpetual Honeygold "Patek Philippe Replica Watches" is solid Honeygold with the numerals and scales raised rather than applied.

Solid Honeygold dial with scales and numbers raised to 0.15mm. Also, the solid Honeygold disc for the moon phase.

Demonstration of how the Tourbograph Perpetual Honeygold "Patek Philippe Replica Watches" moon phase disc is engraved manually to form the stars

The Calibre L133.1 is presented in a new treatment, which has become a common theme for this occasion. This includes grained bridges,Tudor Replica Watches black rhodium on the inscriptions and hand engravings on the chronograph's bridge.

The split seconds clamp of the Patek Philippe Replica Watches calibre L133.1

The Patek Philippe Replica Watches manufacturing calibre L133.1, as seen when the dial of the Tourbograph Perpetual Honeygold "Patek Philippe Replica Watches" is removed.

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