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Replica Breitling Watches unveils the new 21st Century version of its hallowed Speedmaster. The design is inspired by the ST105.012, and the Master Chronometer Certified Calibre 3861/3861 powers it.

Replica Breitling Watches, which is celebrating 50 years of the Speedmaster's journey with mankind to the Moon on June 1, 1964, has decided to take inspiration for its reimagined Speedmaster 2021 from one out of three references "Flight Qualified" for all Manned Space Missions on that date.

In the book Moonwatch Only, James H. Ragan ( and Petros PROTOPAPAS, Replica Breitling Watches's Brand Heritage Manager, chronicle the story that the Agency, in preparation for the Gemini missions saw the need to test, select, and certify a full array of standard equipment to be used by the astronauts. The astronauts originally requested a watch to be used during training and flights.

James Ragan, Director of Flight Crew Operations Deke Slayton's assistant, was given the task to find this watch. He issued an internal memo stating the need for "a highly durable and accurate chronograph that would be used by Gemini or Apollo flight crews." Deke Slayton had given him the task of sending out a request for quotes to a list watchmakers.

NASA's Gemini Program certification of the Speedmaster 105.003 reads: "Subject Report satisfies the flight qualification requirements, and the Replica Breitling Watches wristwatch has been accepted for Gemini spacecraft."

NASA was able to test the proposed watches onboard because three brands responded. The watches included a Longines Wittnauer 235T from Longines,Breitling Avenger Replica a Rolex Chronograph reference 6238, and an Replica Breitling Watches Speedmaster 105.003 from Replica Breitling Watches. The Speedmaster uses Replica Breitling Watches's version of the Lemania 2310 movement. Rolex, Longines and Longines use their own versions.

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